No one Bathroom is the same, they all vary according to the needs and desires of the individual, therefore elements of any one of these bathrooms can be incorporated together, it is only a mattter of imagination.

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Approximately 15+ working days.


Approximately $30K


These bathrooms allow for the ulitmate expression of the individual, the possiblities are endless, ranging from small intimate ensuites, to open multi-level master bathrooms.


Many of the designs will utilize custom made products and features, catering to individual tastes and design aspirations.  From the cozy country house bathrooms to spa retreat bathrooms or the ultra modern with all the extras.


The highest quality in both building but also desifn of the fixtures and fittings find their way here.  The 'master' bathrooms often incorporate the use of dividing a space rather than just having a square box.  This can be achieved by the use of dividers, whether that be a solid wall, glass or feature and even by using different elevations within the room.



Approximately 10 - 15 working days.


Approximately $15-25K


These bathrooms are for those looking for the next level, where they can play with an idea or concept and create an inviting space, be it fun or relaxing and bathed with quality and character.


Still making use of many 'off-the-shelf' items, but tending to incorporate features and fitting that are more than just functional, these bathrooms tend to be driven towards incorporateing certain styles and desifnes to meet a 'vision'.


Sleek simple lines, often with a clean 'no fuss' design, the palette with these bathrooms often incorporates several textures and finishes to help define one area from another.


After a long day, these bathrooms are here to soothe and pamper, a room to look forward to.



Approximately 10 - 12 working days.


Approximately $10K


These bathrooms are focused on the functionality an practicality of the layout and fittings, economic options, easy to clean and low maintenance.


Many of these designs are driven by the requirement to maximize the available space, thus compact and innovative line to give the appearance of more space.


These bathrooms will generally make good use of readily avaiable modular products, this does not sacrifice quality, but is a means of using quality products that are cost effective, with low maintenance and longevity of service.


Aesthetics are not void in these designs, with these bathroom presenting crisp and clean surfaces with very linear lines throughout.



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